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Carpet Cleaning in Hobart

No matter how much time and effort you put into cleaning your space, without clean carpets, you’ll never experience true cleanliness! Worn or soiled carpets can detract from the pristine cleanliness of the rest of your home and business premises. Over time, constant foot traffic can grind dirt, pet dander, bacteria, dead bugs and other nasty stuff deep into the fibres of your carpets. And no amount of vacuuming will get them out.

Carpet cleaning Hobart, Abels Cleaning and Restoration are delighted to offer comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions in Hobart. Our Carpet Cleaning in Hobart can breathe new life into your carpets. We can make tired looking carpets that seemed to have lost their lustre look and feel new again.

There’s no job too big or too small for our team. We are delighted to carry out a wide range of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. Carpets damaged by flooding? We can restore carpets that you might otherwise have written off as unsalvageable. Our team can eliminate persistent odours and get your carpets smelling fresh and new once more. We can even treat your carpets to ensure that they remain resistant to staining in the future. 

We carry out a thorough inspection before vacuuming and spot treatment, agitating and extracting stains and performing a thorough post-cleaning inspection to ensure your satisfaction.

If you have a sofa that’s starting to look sad or a chaise that needs some cheer, we can also breathe life into your upholstery. 

We’re you’re one-stop shop for carpet cleaning in Hobart!

Commercial Cleaning in Hobart

What defines your business’ brand? Is it your logo? Your website? Your products? Your service? Or perhaps the way your staff are trained to greet customers? Of course, your brand is made up of all this and more. Including the condition of your business premises.

The cleanliness of your commercial premises says a lot about you and your business. Especially in this time where visitors will be especially conscious of cleanliness and hygiene on-site. Furthermore, the cleanliness of your commercial premises will also impact on your employees’ productivity. Not only can a cluttered, untidy and unclean premises make employees less focused and productive, it may even lead to absences caused by illness or allergies. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Hobart, our team understand the importance of a thorough and comprehensive approach. We ensure that all surfaces not only sparkle, but that they gleam with the kind of deep cleanliness that ensures a pristine and hygienic workplace. A place where employees, clients and customers alike can feel cared for and safe. 

Whether you’re after a general clean and rubbish removal, disinfecting of high touch surfaces, or a deep clean that eliminates all traces of harmful bacteria, our skilled and diligent team are here to make your make your business shine in every sense. 

From offices and retailers to warehouses and restaurants, we’re delighted to bring our Commercial Cleaning services to bear on all kinds of businesses.

We can also combine our Commercial Cleaning services in Hobart with our Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning services. To make sure that your commercial premises is a true reflection of your brand.

Window Cleaner in Hobart

Whether you’re talking about your home or your business premises, a place can’t be clean with dirty windows! Dirty, streaky or grimy windows can cast a pall over your interiors and undo the hard work you’ve put into making the place look spotless.Whether you’re talking about your home or your business premises, a place can’t be clean with dirty windows! Dirty, streaky or grimy windows can cast a pall over your interiors and undo the hard work you’ve put into making the place look spotless.

A Window Cleaner in Hobart can not only make your home look great, they can also make your business premises sparkle. First impressions are everything in business. And streaky or grimy windows and glass can undermine all the hard work you put into making a great first impression elsewhere. What’s more, dirty windows can even undermine your employees’ productivity.

The Harvard Business review calls natural light the “number one office perk”. And when your windows and glass aren’t looking their best, it can make for an unexpectedly gloomy workplace that may keep your team from being the best that they can be. 

Whatever the size of your home or commercial premises, our team can make your windows sparkle in ways that breathe new life into your interiors. Our team of Window Cleaners in Hobart are fully height trained and insured for your peace of mind, and can give even the hardest to reach windows the TLC they deserve. 

We have the tools and the talent to make glass so clear that you won’t even know it’s there… just be careful not to bang your head!



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Established in 1985, we are a local Tasmanian family-owned and operated business enterprise, based in Hobart and servicing the southern half of our wonderful state.

If you are looking for professional service, rest assured that our friendly and reliable cleaning technicians are fully trained and accredited to Australian and New Zealand Standards for our industry and carry full liability insurance, in addition to being dedicated to providing a quality personalised and professional service.

We offer a full range of affordable general, disaster recovery, trauma response and healthcare cleaning services, using the latest and best equipment and products which have been thoroughly tested and proven to provide the best results for you and your property.

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