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Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Although no amount of cleaning can perfectly restore damage such as burns, sun fading or heavy traffic wear, our skilled team can remove the majority of stains without fuss with the proper application of our specific stain removal products and subsequent cleaning.

The core of Abels Carpet Cleaning & Restorations is our people. Our professionally trained and accredited technicians have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience which enables them to restore your carpet to its original condition.


Our technicians will initially inspect the areas you would like cleaned and discuss any aspects which they consider may be problematic so that you are fully aware and understand before they commence cleaning. We utilise the latest in truck-mounted and portable hot water extraction cleaning equipment which is accepted in the industry as providing the best results over other commonly used cleaning equipment and methods.

This process is commonly called Carpet Steam Cleaning, during which the equipment sprays pressurised hot water along with various cleaning, degreasing and/or deodorising solutions, flushes the contaminants from within the carpet from the roots and core of the carpet right through to the tips of the fibres. It then extracts the water, solutions and the grime with it, leaving your carpet clean, soft, sanitised and looking beautiful. 


  • General cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal - including soft furnishings
  • Windows and glass cleaning
  • Hard floor strip and resurface
  • Concrete driveway, car park, and path high pressure cleaning
  • Washroom and toilet maintenance
  • Health, hygiene, and sanitary services and products
  • Odour control and air freshening / scenting
  • Disaster restoration - fire, flood, vandalism, hoarders, trauma and sewerage cleaning.
  • Terminal cleaning, disinfection, biohazard decontamination - Statewide
  • Ambulance disinfection and decontamination - Statewide
  • Police vehicle and cell disinfection and decontamination - Statewide

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